Infrastructure Support
Telecom Expense Management Services
Business/IT Process Improvement
Lifecycle Systems Engineering Services
Program Management & Operations Support

Ultra Tech offers the TEM services listed below to provide the savings described in the statement by Gartner.

Order management: Our solution allows control over items and services order, while maintaining a decentralized order approval process, if required.  Standardization of orders can reduce purchases of expensive and unnecessary devices as well as services.

Inventory management: A more accurate inventory supports lower costs by eliminating unnecessary orders (e.g., item in-stock) and payments for disconnected or incorrect lines.

Service management: Our experienced staff can provide training across carriers and devices as well as administer messaging servers (i.e., BlackBerry Enterprise Servers), eliminating the need for additional internal resources to support user requests.  Client resources can be focused on more value added activities.

Contract management: Experienced personnel, e-sourcing tools, accurate usage information allow for improved rate negotiations with carriers.  The result can be lower rates and/or elimination of unnecessary/underutilized services.

Financial management: Our solutions automated invoice processing allows for streamlined processing of bills.  The system provides easier identification of billing errors and supports billing disputes with carriers.  The outcome is less over-payment and fewer resources to manage telecom bills.