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Program Management & Operations Support


Ultra Tech offers infrastructure support to guide our clients to the most effective solution. Offering a full range of services, you may select just a few of the technology services Ultra Tech provides, or you may choose complete redesign, rollout, maintenance and operations monitoring of your network, server and/or desktop environments. Our services include:

  • Network Discovery: Information gathering, evaluation and documentation of your
    physical and logical network topology, asset inventory, tools and processes.
  • Performance Analysis: Technical and business evaluation of your environment, including throughput, reliability, redundancy, security, bottlenecks, resource utilization, server consolidation and line cost efficiencies.
  • Recommendation: Solution proposal and specific action items for implementation. Design and installation: network, server and desktop design, installation, software distribution, and system configuration. Deployment of infrastructure necessary to support varied levels of complexity and size.
  • Maintenance: We plan and implement a maintenance program-preventive and remedial-focused on minimizing network down time and achieving maximum operations efficiency. The program consists of discovery tools, periodic testing, ongoing inspections and helpdesk/on-site engineering staff support. Technical support: Ultra Tech will provide the technical skills, equipment and procedures necessary to identify and resolve problems proactively. In our operations and maintenance efforts, Ultra Tech applies industry standard management approaches (i.e. Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to improve performance and control costs.
  • Asset Management: Remote inventory management and technology updates; upgrades via teaming arrangements to achieve the best value. Training: Professional trainers provide competency in the required software, operating systems and network management procedures.